Tuesday, 17 August 2010

GC27W7E: Helical Ridges

Found on 2010-08-17
Placed by: Loony Londo
Size: Not chosen (Difficulty: 3 / Terrain: 1)
Location: London, United Kingdom
Geocaching.com: GC27W7E

Actually "found" on 17/8 but just got to logging today (30/8) having time to do research.

After Going Out Or Getting Lost If Not Good answers, found an obscure blog or two, and those led me onto some of the key scientific and trade descriptions. I think I have the correct answers but prepared to accept if I got them wrong - I particularly found the stone masons term of reference difficult to obtain but I think I understand it.

Anyway, I went for this one on my way back from the Saudi Arabian Embassy, after submitting my application for a visa to go there for business. It was grey day which turned a bit wet and I had spent an hour waiting for the embassy to open that morning (open one hour later due to Ramadan). Took a while to locate as I was using solely my Android phone which got me to within 30m of GZ but a quick gaze through the previous logs confirmed my location.

Learned something new again thanks to Geocaching, and got to see the HQ of that paragon (arguably) of financial reporting. Much more satisfying than a couple of Gowalla check-ins!

Won't let me upload an image just now (down for maintenance)... will upload asap.

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