Sunday, 29 August 2010

GC219RG: To Boot

Found on 2010-08-29
Placed by: Hillhappy1
Size: Regular (Difficulty: 1.5 / Terrain: 1)
Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom GC219RG

Finally found this with Geocritter (my nephew, doesn't have an account) and my non-caching brother!

We DNF'd on this one a long while ago so I emailed HH to check the coords, he advised we were one digit out on the Westings, however the irony is that I realise we had found the correct GZ before, but the number I sent to HH was wrong.

So after checking all along this bank we even went to up to the top of the bridge wondering if it was hid there but no. After looking over previous logs, read a couple of things which gave me us a bit more direction. Headed back to to GZ and this time looked in the less obvious place, after routing around and putting my hand here and there, I finally spotted the thing which was right in front of my face, but had not noticed!

At least Geocritter managed to dodge all the dog****, me and my bro were not so lucky. Geocritter's 4th cache, really loves geocaching and perhaps I'll open a separate account for him soon but he's just a bit young yet to be let run riot on the internets.

Thanks Hillhappy for another excellent cache!

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