Monday, 30 August 2010

GC1F4NV: Chiltern Hundred Bonus

Found on 2010-08-30
Placed by: drsolly
Size: Regular (Difficulty: 5 / Terrain: 5)
Location: Southern England, United Kingdom GC1F4NV

We completed the 100 a few weekends ago (102 caches to be exact) with a few left over to go back and find. We managed it in 48 hours, so whilst not worthy of the wall of fame, impressive feat on foot if I do say so myself.

It was a fun series in all with many highs and lows: hides, paths and moods.

Plugged in the codes this morning and got the coords, so we were ready and since I'll business travelling next month we decided this was our last shot to go for it before the end of summer (or is already over?).

Headed out late, 5pm and found a place to park in a close just off the main road North of the cache. Headed down into the field and surroundings looked familiar. We got to the end of the field and then it seemed that we'd taken the wrong shortcut. Climbed the farmers gate, only to later realise there was a stile nearby in the corner of the field.

Cache was not difficult to reach but surrounded by nettles and brambles which were hostile to my pale bare legs (knew I shouldn't have wore my shorts). Glad we did not have to walk far for this one (well, actually we did but you know what I mean).

Quick photo op at GZ, admire the tat that is left after all the goodies have been pillaged and we were on our way back to the car.

On the way back I remarked to the wife we should go by No. 50 and see if we could try again... so we did.

Took: Munster GC
Dropped: Travel Bee
Visit: Celebrate Love

Thanks for a great series, which is obviously heck to maintain, but we didn't mind helping out. Now just to sweep up those one's that eluded us!

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