Monday, 30 August 2010

GC1ER4K: ch050 - Chiltern Hundred, Westdean Lane

Found on 2010-08-30
Placed by: drsolly
Size: Small (Difficulty: 4 / Terrain: 1.5)
Location: Southern England, United Kingdom GC1ER4K

We originally intended just to come out and do the bonus but this one has been bothering me since we DNF'd so I casually mentioned to Mrs Fitz we should drive by and have another quick look....

On the way over, I got an email alert for smithcox's find, so I felt certain this would be no trouble. Of course, this gave us as much trouble as it had in the dark with torches - 45 minutes later we were frustrated and still cacheless.

We'd searched all the spots we had before, including some obvious and some not so obvious places. We knew from previous logs that we should be looking up but all the climbing and poking yielded no fruit.

I looked at smithcox's log again and even though we found something tool-like hanging off a branch, there wasn't a way we could see that it would prove useful for what we intended and in the end it was a red herring.

We were about to give up (how many times does a geocacher say this in their log eh?) and then Mrs Fitz found something else which could be described as a tool but not something we'd call a tool, but using it and with a bit of help from me, Mrs Fitz was able to try something and.... yes..... it was a cache after all!

Kicking ourselves for this one as we've done so many now. I had looked at this on the first attempt but I also spotted the huge spiders nearby and decided that it just couldn't be. Well, it was. TFTC!

Coords in the description were confusing and seemed to be wildly out, took a reading ourselves, if it's any help to others. The hint is confusing only if you don't know what you're looking for.

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